Thursday, May 26, 2011

CoolBot CoolRoom: The Solar Array Construction

CoolBot group members Mike and
Daniel with faculty collaborator
and D-Lab instructor

 Henceforth known as the D-Lab CoolBot group, Ariana Rundquist, Daniel Sheeter, Wu Jingyan (Dora), and Michael Cunningham decided to address the most pressing problem for the Uganda CoolBot Coolroom project: the large up-front cost of a solar array. 

 Mike Cunningham working
on inverter
In collaboration with Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program (Hort CRSP), the D-Lab CoolBot group set about assembling a model standalone photovoltaic array in order to power the demonstrative CoolBot Coolroom at the UC Davis Student Farm.

Ariana and Mike assembling solar
 array with faculty collaborator
The array consists of the following: four 220 volt solar panels, four wooden frames built by Dr. Michael Reid, four 6 volt deep cycle batteries in series, and a control board. The control board, that is, a breaker panel and charge controller, an inverter and a plug outlet to the AC load (the air conditioner and CoolBot) was assembled by Dr. Reid and Ariana Rundquist on April 15th.

CoolBot group installs
solar array
Ariana, Sheeter and Mike all helped assemble and successfully connect the photovoltaic array to the CoolBot Coolroom on April 18th and 19th, just in time for a visit from the touring Hort CRSP conference!

Ariana Rundquist, D-Lab Student 
International Agricultural Development 
Graduate Group
University of California in Davis


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Gholibjon Mahmudov said...

Dear Ariana,

It is really interesting. We would like to apply the same idea in our projects with our farmers. Would you be able to provide us with the detailed information for constructing CoolBot, please? Thanks a lot.

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